How to get to Żywiec

    We would like to show you the ease of access to our city from several neighbouring corners. We perfectly know that Żywiec is not in the centre of the country, but getting here is easier than you think. In this picture you can see a 700km radius which will help you to imagine that from Berlin is as far away as from Olsztyn or Ełk. We chosen a few cities to show you how to get to Funcon with less than 3 changes.

    Vilnius - is connected with Warsaw by Polski Bus. You can find how to get to Żywiec from Warsaw in description below. Lviv – the easiest way is by the train to Przemyśl, than you take the next train to Katowice. The route from Katowice in description below. Bucharest – take a budget flight to Warsaw, after that use the tips below Belgrade – you can take a very long nap during the 18hrs trip to Katowice Zagreb – you can go by rail to Vienna and take a bus to Katowice Vienna – Polski Bus is travels everyday around 9 am or 10 pm directly to Katowice Berlin – journey to Katowice will take about 7 hours, after that only 1.5h more and welcome in Żywiec Dortmund - pretty comfortable and cheap flight to Kraków, buses to Żywiec every hour or two Bratislava – directly to Katowice by Polski Bus. Brno or Prague – it is very easy to get to the Wroclaw, Kraków or Cieszyn
    As you can see it is not that far from other countries. Here are the websites which I used to create this guide.
    Portal MDA Kraków
    Portal PKP
    Polski Bus

    But how to get to Żywiec from Katowice, Kraków or Warsaw? Here is a simple explanation: KATOWICE-ŻYWIEC
    Polish State Railways are offering a train to Żywiec every single hour. In case of a delay you don't have to worry about spending the night at the train station. Here is the exemplary timetable for 23.07.2015 and places where the buses and trains are arriving.  
    The best way from here is to take a bus from one of the two operators. Tickets are pretty cheap, the ride lasts around two hours - you can admire the beautiful views of Żywiec Basin. Here is the picture of the timetable. In the other picture you can see how far it is to the bus station from the train station. Busses are waiting at the bottom parking station.

    From here you can take a train to Katowice or Kraków. Use the guidances above.

    The travel is not that hard like you thought. There are a lot of comfortable connections from Kraków and Katowice.

    IN ŻYWIEC you start at the rail station/bus station in the same place 300m to the venue, we also provide you with few points of interests on the map below. A. Railway station/ bus station around 300m walk to the conplace B. Żywiec amphitheatre where the most Beskidian Culture Week attractions are held C. Żywiec castle museum with recreational park. The Homemade brewery Grajcar and Żywiec’s main square are nearby


For participants there are available standard overnight stays in the schools sleep rooms (you need a mat and a sleeping bag).
On the list below we will post hotels and hostels from the area where you can spend the night in more comfortable conditions than on a mat and in a sleeping bag:
  • HOSTEL "Góra Żar" - cheap sleep in mountain range hostel rooms HERE
  • Apartamenty "Maria" - high class apartments  HERE

    Below we will post a list of gastronomy locals where you can eat and drink.