Help Us

If you want to help us in creating the con, managing a vendor stand, or organizing a panel, you are welcome to use on of the forms below:


Would you like to create your own prelection/panel, quiz or a tournament or other point of the program? If yes, use the form posted above. For creating 2h long program, all creators get 100% discount on the ticket


Would you like to help us with preparing the convention and keeping it clean? If yes, use the form posted above. In the application include your contact data and describe your experience. For their help all helpers get 100% refund on ticket costs. You pay normally for the ticket (deposit) and you get it back at the end of the convention.


Do you have any console or TV, that you would like to share with us?
If yes, then write to

TVs, modern consoles (Xbox 360/One, PS3/PS4) and expensive equipment:
You get 100% discount on tickets

Older consoles:
50% discount on tickets
For every equipment that is lend for the con, the foundation provides lending agreement to secure lenders for eventual losses.


Would you like to become a convention vendor?
If yes, use the form posted above. Before posting a vendor application, read the terms and regulations HERE In the form post your contact data, also provide us with the background of the vendor stand.